Gas Or Diesel, what car I should buy?

Gas or diesel? Electric or hybrid? Do these questions make you wince? Does your head go round and round when thinking about purchasing a new car? Stop worrying! Install our new app “Gas or Diesel” to calculate all pros and cons and make this decision easy!

Today the world of cars offers you plenty of choice. Every year car manufacturers present new electric vehicles; hybrid cars are getting more and more popular; diesel vehicles are claiming their place; and gasoline model keep their solid grounding.

When deciding which car to buy you have to take into account numerous details. Main criteria to think about are:

  • The price – how much a vehicle you want to buy costs;

  • Fuel efficiency – what type of fuel a car uses, how much fuel it needs, and how expensive that fuel is;

  • Distance – how far you travel every day; whether you make long trips regularly or occasionally;

  • Time of ownership – how often you use your car; how long you intend to keep it.

Every type of vehicle has its own advantages. For example, diesel comes as one of the most efficient and economical fuels of today. Diesel cars suit best long-distance drivers and those who travel quite far on a regular basis.

Electric car is your “green” option. It’s great for city-dwellers and those who travel shorter distances at slower speeds.

Hybrid vehicles are ideal for people with an active lifestyle who need the flexibility of both fuels.

And of course, there is an option of traditional gasoline cars with modern hyper-efficient engines.

With plenty of choice it is no wonder you might feel lost. That is why we created our “Gas or Diesel” app to help you. It calculates vehicle’s efficiency and compares different vehicle types. It is simple and easy to use. Fill in a short questionnaire providing data like fuel price, average mileage you travel daily, etc. you could compare all car types and see their pros and cons.

Choosing the best and most efficient car to suit your everyday needs is tricky. Your life style should play a big role in the purchase decision. And it is there that our app is going to assist you. Download “Gas or Diesel” at the app store for free and make your life much easier!