Volkswagen scandal, decline of diesel engines in America or new opportunities for competitors?

20 October 2015 (04:12:10)

In the recent years, the range of diesel cars in American market has grown almost as wide as in Europe. Volkswagen was a pioneer in promoting alternative engines. They offered incredibly effective 2litre engines for the full model range of Volkswagen and Audi. Their rivals – Mercedes and BMW – had to meet the challenge. It provided American customers with a great choice of diesel engines from the German Big Three.

Who would think that the secret of “incredible” effectiveness of Volkswagen engines is a lie coming from the very top of the world largest car manufacturer? Shock and rage is what the deceived customers feel. Volkswagen and Audi cars have super-smart and overcomplicated software that controls diesel engine characteristics and exhaust gases emission in the atmosphere. And it turns out the software work results depended on whether a vehicle was performing a test or running on the road. That's the true "power of German engineering"! Well done, dear German engineers! We are proud of you!

We should say that not all German engineers are like that. BMW diesel engines successfully passed road tests and you can believe them.

However, Volkswagen and Audi discontinue all diesel engine makes. They might call away up to 5 million vehicles, USA government fines exceed $17 billion not to mention 5 million outraged car owners who definitely feel they’ve been cheated.

What is it? The end of era of diesel engines from Europe? Full betrayal of confidence in diesel as an eco-friendly and efficient type of engine that was heavily invested into? Or new opportunities for competitors like BMW and Mercedes? Or a chance for American manufacturers to get a piece of that pie? We’ll see.

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